We are promoting day-to-day activities to establish personal information protection management system (PMS) at our company, recognizing the importance of personal information handled as a developer and distributor of package system for nursing care companies. Our company has the following policy regarding what should be done as a business that handles personal information.

We will properly acquire and use personal information within the range of the specified purpose of using personal information handled in large quantities in our business and personal information handled in employment, etc. and we will take measures not to handle personal information beyond the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use (utilization other than for intended purpose). We will comply with laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information, guidelines established by the country and other norms.
We will prevent unauthorized access to personal information, leakage of personal information, loss or destruction, and will establish internal rules such as correction for inappropriate matters to protect personal information.
We have established internal rules for handling complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information, and respond to complaints and consultations.

We will make continuous improvements in the protection of the personal information management system (PMS).
In the following, while “publicizing” the prescribed matters based on the “Act on Personal Information Protection” and “JIS Q 15001 Requirements for Personal Information Management System”, we will specifically disclose the handling of personal information.

Fuji Data System,Inc.
Representative Director, President
Yoshihisa Saito
(Enacted on January 23, 2018)

* Certificate acquisition of ISO / IEC 27001
JIS Q 15001 certified ISO_PIMS


1. Purpose of using personal information

We will appropriately use personal information in the business of development and sales of software for the elderly and handicapped facilities defined in the articles of incorporation.

Purpose of Use

  • Contact for software for the elderly and handicapped facilities, providing information such as guidance and suggestions, and providing system introduction support service and support services commissioned by sales activities
  • CS activities (Inquiries, response to the consultation and history management, support and response in case of accident and disaster, etc.), analysis of nursing record data and provision of analysis result data
  • Conducting questionnaire surveys such as marketing activities and satisfaction surveys
  • Implementation of commissioned work and the achievement of the above purpose
  • Providing / contacting employment information etc. to applicants and recruitment services management
  • Employment management of employees
  • Providing welfare benefits to employees
  • Other matters related to the above

2. Provision to third parties

We do not provide personal information to third parties except in the following cases.
If we have the consent of the person.
If based on the laws and regulations.
When it is necessary to protect human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
When business is taken over by a merger, division of the business, transfer of business, etc. and personal information is provided.
* When providing a third party, we will comply with PMS and related regulations.

3. Matters related to outsourcing

We may outsource business within the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of using personal information. In this case, we require the outsourcing company to protect personal information, and we will conduct appropriate supervision.

4. The optional dependency of providing personal information

Provision of personal information to the Company is at the discretion of the person, but if the information we have designated as necessary cannot be provided, we may not be able to provide the services listed for your intended use.

5. About the handling of personal information of the WEB site

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About access log files

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About WEB beacon

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Recording of the telephone calls

When we talk with customers over the phone, we may record the contents of the call for the purpose of proper management of business and improvement of response service.

6. Request for disclosure, etc.

We will respond to requests for disclosure of personal information subject to disclosure only for the person and the agent for a charge. For requests for disclosure, please submit a request for disclosure of personal information to the following reception desk. Please note that you are required to submit an identification card for identity verification.

We will charge you 1,000 yen (including consumption tax) as a fee for each request.
When mailing disclosure requests, etc., please enclose and send a postal stamp equivalent to 1,000 yen.

* However, for requests from outside of Japan, we will separately charge the required fee.

> A written request for personal information to be disclosed

Personal information protection manager and personal information inquiries

Fuji Data System,Inc.

( Personal information protection manager ) Director General Manager

Contact for complaints and inquiries about personal information

15 Floor of South-pot Shizuoka, 18-1 Minami-machi, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City 422-8067

( Telephone number ) 054-202-0300

* This phone number is not a contact for our service.

For about authorized personal information protection organization that our company belongs

Our company is a target company of the following accredited personal information protection group. If you have a complaint about our company’s handling of personal information, you can also report to the following.

Name of authorized personal information protection group
    Japan Data Communications Association

Contact information for reports

    Telecommunications Personal Information Protection Promotion Center

    ( Telephone number ) 03-5907-3808
    ( URL ) https://www.dekyo.or.jp/kojinjyoho/index.html

* This phone number is not a contact for our service.